Gaming Chair
The gaming chair is an epoch-making new product that subverts the traditional seat concept, breaks the traditional seat making process and transforms the traditional seat material. The gaming chair is a video game special chair used in the video game city animation game city. It sits very comfortable and fits the height of the game console, making it less difficult for consumers to entertain.
The gaming chair follows a unique humanized design concept and is ergonomic. The light cavalry gaming chair is made of high-grade car perforated leather. It is beautiful in appearance, generous, wear-resistant, scratch-resistant and high-temperature resistant. It has three characteristics, good ventilation and cleaning. The perfect combination of the iron frame and the premium car perforated skin prevents the environment in which the gaming chairgrows during use. The product design is fashionable, simple and generous.
The gaming chair's overall design uses a classic all-enclosed support transplanted from the car, a large cushion design to effectively reduce the muscle strain of the buttocks; the use of imported high-density sponge as the internal filling of the seat, so that the seat is maintained. At the same time of high wrapping power, the seat hardness is reduced and the comfort is improved, thereby achieving the anti-fatigue effect.
The flexible adjustment of gaming chair is also a great expression of excellent ergonomics! As one of the best gaming chair manufacturers and suppliers in China, HUNDRED offers cheap gaming chair in stock. Welcome to wholesale and get price list from our factory.
* Easy to store: Small size does not occupy the place of video game city, can be stacked to facilitate cleaning and finishing the venue, professionally developed for the new style of video game city environment.
* Comfort: sedentary is not tired, its seat cushion is designed with high-grade car perforated leather, which is breathable and gives you a new experience of hip. The back design is strong and can reduce the pressure on the waist. It adopts advanced car styling sponge and does not fall off.
* Fashion: ergonomically designed and comfortable. The design curve is beautiful and stylish. Choose from a variety of colors to make your video game city more stylish.
Gaming Pedestal Chair

Gaming Pedestal Chair

Product Description Pneumatic seat-height adjustment; padded seat for comfort. You can also pull out on the control handle, which allows your chair to...

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