Bathroom Storage Cabinets for Small Spaces

Bathroom Storage Cabinets for Small Spaces

Model Name 600mm Wall Cabinet Material White Melamine Product Dimensions (mm) W:600 H:720 L:300 Package Dimensions (mm) W:620 H:74 L:740 Interior Cabinet Depth (mm) 300 Preconfigured No Shelf Thickness (mm) 16 It is easy to reach the towel during each morning routine, and keeps everything in...

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Our cabinets are spacious and made of high quality MDF (P2 grade) for long life. The eco-friendly finish makes it feel smooth. Simply install the wall cabinet on the side of the wall to take full advantage of the bathroom, and the empty wall of the living room or hallway into the utility space, saving you more floor space.


Model Name:600mm Wall Cabinet

Material:White Melamine

Product Dimensions (mm):W:600 H:720 L:300

Package Dimensions (mm0:  W:620 H:74 L:740

Interior Cabinet Depth (mm): 300

Preconfigured: No

Shelf Thickness (mm): 16

Maintenance skills

1. Lightly put: When transporting the bathroom cabinet, it should be lightly lifted, not hard to pull hard; when placed, it should be flat and stable, if the ground is not flat, the foot pad will be solid to prevent damage to the cabinet eye structure.

2. Sun protection: Do not put the bathroom cabinet in the sun, or put it in an excessively dry place to prevent the wood from cracking and deforming.

3. Cleaning: Clean the bathroom cabinet with a general detergent and then wet it with a soft cloth and then wipe the stained area along the wood grain.

4. Water stains: If the bathroom cabinet is accidentally covered with water stains, cover the marks with a damp cloth, then carefully press the wet cloth several times with the iron, the marks will disappear.

5. Scratch: The paint on the lacquer surface of the bathroom cabinet is not touched by the lacquer under the paint. It can be painted with the same color as the color of the cabinet, coated on the wound surface of the cabinet, covered with the exposed base color, and then thin with transparent nail polish. Apply a thin layer.

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