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2016 Bathroom Cabinet Top Ten Rankings
Mar 24, 2016

Latest bathroom Cabinet top ten rankings: Wrigley ARROW

Wrigley, Shunde, bathroom cabinets are brands of ceramic sanitary ware co, was founded in 1997, establishment of the company in terms of quality, design, strict customer requirements, becoming the most influential brand in China, Chinese brand-name products, ware/shower room/toilet/bathroom Cabinet top ten brand.

Top ten latest Cabinet brands rank II: Anwar annwa

Ceramic sanitary ware China Foshan gaoming's bathroom Cabinet China Limited's brand is the most influential and powerful synthesis of brand, brand-name products in Guangdong Province, China top ten brand bathroom cabinets.

Latest bathroom Cabinet three top ten rankings: Kohler Kohler

Kohler bathroom cabinet industry-renowned throughout the bathroom industry, has very high visibility, the company was founded in 1873, is the United States largest and one of the oldest family businesses.

Latest bathroom Cabinet four top ten rankings: Faenza FAENZA

Faenza bathroom Cabinet China environment symbol Lu, is one of the countries with the most influential brand in brand strength is very strong in the industry accounted for a bigger share of the market, products are good sellers, among the latest bathroom Cabinet top ten fourth.

New bathroom Cabinet top ten ranked five: King's CRW

As a large multinational corporation, Gao Mingying, Foshan City sanitary ware co power can not be overlooked, which is very competitive in the market, after years of development, the King's Cabinet has grown into a well-known brand in the industry, has established its market and in the minds of consumers.