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Ergonomic Chair Series: Avoid Pits Guide and Advice on posture
- Mar 04, 2019 -

      How can we aviod pits guide!!!

      Any chair can call itself an ergonomic chair, and any chair can't save you from sedentary.

      There is no uniform specification for ergonomics. Each manufacturer has its own set of theories. 3m has 3m ergonomics.

      Microsoft has Microsoft ergonomics. It is the same company, the same category of ergonomic products, and the design is different.

      For now, there is no recognized ideal ergonomic chair. For anyone who is sitting more than eight hours a day, no seat can be perfect.


      To reduce the risk of sedentary, it is more important to control time, pay attention to posture, and strengthen exercise than to buy a chair.

       A good chair is a seat that will make it easier for you to maintain the correct posture.

Ergonomic chair series: avoid pits guide.

    Advice on posture:

    There are many suggestions about posture. In general, there are "three ninety degrees": the thigh and upper body, the thigh and the calf,

 the upper arm and the lower arm, should all be maintained or slightly larger than ninety degrees.


      Adjust the height of the display, tilt the head down slightly (as shown above); adjust the position of the keyboard so that the upper arm

 and the arm are equal to or slightly larger than ninety degrees.

     Adjust the height of the seat so that the thighs and calves, thighs and upper body are equal to or slightly larger than ninety degrees.

     The waist is kept straight and close to the back of the chair. It is best to have a cushion support.

     There should be approximately one fist space behind the front end of the seat and behind the leg; if the feet are not flat on the ground,

 a foot pedal can be used.