Office Chair
A comfortable office chair gives you more time to focus on the work at hand, not the pain on your back. Our swivel office chairs and other office chairs have all the features, such as height-adjustable seats, tilting features and built-in waist support, which will make you feel comfortable. Different styles mean that they blend harmoniously with all types of space.
Its user does not leave the seat, no external power, can turn the office chair in any direction, adjust the height of the office chair, can straight forward or backward, can turn a large arc, can turn a small radius, can move quickly to different locations.
Its tilting device automatically adjusts the seat's support to suit your movement and weight, allowing you to lie comfortably there. The safety casters are equipped with pressure-sensing brakes. When you stand up, the office chair stays in place and is automatically released when you sit down. The height of the seat and backrest can be adjusted to achieve proper support regardless of weight. The seat is deep adjustable and has a built-in waist pad for proper back support.
Professional office chairs have been tested for office supplies and are suitable for office use while meeting the safety, durability and stability requirements of the following standards. As one of the best office chair manufacturers and suppliers in China, HUNDRED offers cheap office chair in stock. Welcome to wholesale and get price list from our factory.
* The anti-static wheel is easy to move, and the caster type can increase mobility.
* Fill the seat and back with a high-elastic sponge that is soft and comfortable to reduce fatigue.
* The overall design meets the requirements of the human body curve, and the texture is soft, beautiful and comfortable.
* The backrest and seat cushion are made of imported conductive PVC leather with high-density sponge and dust filter.
* Optional extended pneumatic lifting rods increase the height of the seat, and can be equipped with a foot ring for added comfort.